by Violent Faith



By: Tracy Kerbuski & Violent Faith 2012

In your imagination, it’s running wild inside of your head,
It’s game, it’s a shame cause we’re unraveling mentally…

(Refrain) Like I feel I’m suffocating…
…You take it from me. Squeeze it from me,
“Sucking the very air I breathe…”

A part of you, apart from you, yet it alters you till now,
It’s the sound of your angels voice turning you around…

(Refrain) (…”Sucking the very life from me…”)

“Breathe…” “Just breathe”… ‘Sucking, Sucking my life…



Why? Why…? (I just got to know)
Why? (Just tell me) Why?
Sucking, sucking my…
Life I feel I am Suffocating…
You take it from me. Squeeze it from me.
Sucking the very air I breathe…
Why I feel I am suffocating…
You take it from me. Squeeze it from me.
Sucking the very life from me.



released August 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Violent Faith Muskegon, Michigan

Violent Faith

Recently formed in 2010 in the tri-cities area with
Gary Thomas Hoag, Tracy Kerbuski, Dan Pukett
and Lonnie Pearo, who with many years of combined
experience are compiling their full length album.

Always remember to Keep the Faith
as we are only human.
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